Plant A Coral With Blue Corner Conservation

We are beyond excited to announce our collaboration with Blue Corner Conservation, which will allow us to fund the planting of coral from the profits of every Seashells swimwear piece we sell.
Planting Corals With Our Profits
The underwater world around Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. It is also ecologically significant due to corals, fish and other marine species that live and thrive in the area.
However, Changing shorelines with increased development, increased boat traffic, careless tourism practices and dragging fishing nets have left some areas of coral reef broken. Blue Corner Conservation have been working on restoring these reefs since 2018, and we are so happy that we can contribute to the amazing work they are doing.
Planting Coral Gardens With Profits
What makes this collaboration even more exciting is that, as well as contributing to corals being grown, and the reef restored, in a wonderful place that is close to our hearts. We will also be able to personally watch them grow over time and keep you all updated on their success.
To find out more, or donate to the cause visit
Reef Restoration With Our Profits
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